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Induction Stove Top Vs. Gas, Electric

Induction better than Electric, Gas

Most cooks know that gas ranges are awesome. Electric, not so much. But for over 25 years, I put up with my home kitchen’s electric stove top. Until I finally found a most excellent replacement: Induction range!

Ginger Bug: Easy Recipe, Healthy Gingerale

Easy recipe, ginger bug

Most recipes for ginger bug would have us grating some fresh ginger every day, mixing it with a bit more sugar and water, to feed the bug. I don’t have time for that! So I came up with a quicker method: I process the whole bunch of ginger with an equal part of sugar, and store that mix in the freezer. Then it’s easy to scoop a little out for the daily feedings.

Kitchen Sinks: Jen’s Fave & Why

Porcelain on Steel- Horrible!

After over 25 years with our original kitchen, I realized my friend was right: My kitchen needed a renovation. One feature: I had a “shabby chic” sink, but sinks aren’t supposed to be shabby chic! It had chipped within the first year of use, years ago, and more chips continued to pop up, even with light use. Turns out, the enamel-over-steel construction was horrible. I do not recommend such a sink, even if they are cheaper than their cast-iron cousins!

“Pistou” (French Pesto)

Olive oil, basil, garlic, salt, parmesan

Maybe salting the garlic first is why everyone loves The New Deli’s Italian dressing so much. We mix the fresh garlic, herbs, and salt together first, letting the steep awhile. A similar method works well to create this yummy sauce, that’s good on so many things. (Even just to dip bread in, add to some Bruschetta for party food, etc. etc.)

Pesto Pizza, New Deli Style

New Deli Pesto Pizza

Back in the day, The New Deli made one huge sheet of Pesto Pizza on Fridays. A few of us still remember those days. Once in awhile, we make this recipe again, for New Deli parties. Sssh–don’t tell anyone! (It’s just for employees and family, ha…) Now, the secret to a non-soggy crust: A first layer of thinly-sliced mozzarella cheese over the dough. (We also add an egg, plus extra spinach to the pesto). New Deli secrets revealed!

Science Behind “Lose Belly Fat”

Natural Fat Loss

I kept seeing that “Lose Belly Fat” ad last year… I never wanted to click on it- I might start getting a bunch of spam emails for weight loss supplements! Ah, but my husband was just checking his 10-K scores after a run, when he noticed the intriguing headline. He watched the whole video, then filled me in on the details. Perfect! I don’t want to sit through an advertisement that long, but it was cool he could tell me about it. Some of it was interesting. Except for the sales pitch for a product, of course…

Weight Loss, Food Addictions, Bad Habits

Weight Loss Goals

A lot of us may try to reconfigure our habits after the holidays. I know I’m trying to share as much of the Christmas candy we received, before I have a daily habit started up again. Now that it’s the new year, I’m ready to re-commit to healthy habits.

Jen’s Top Ten List To Improve Thyroid Health

Top Ten Thyroid Helps

Another year’s gone by, and my thyroid levels have stayed great. Optimizing my thyroid function is working. I suspect a lot of these tips are good for anyone- husband Tom and I have stayed healthy all during this flu season. It’s been awesome!

Castle Cake: Great Fun for a Boy’s Birthday!

Castle Cake- Use Cones for Towers

A castle cake project the whole family can help with. We scavenger hunted at various stores for the supplies. My husband and older grandson did the math, for cutting the cake into the right sizes, and we all decorated it. Fun!