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Lemon Curd: Whole Egg, Honey-Sweetened

Lemon Curd w/Whole Egg (& Peel of Lemon)

I filed this recipe under “Healthy” AND “desserts”, since it seems to be both. So good on top of yogurt! It’s usually used for fancy teas, with scones and clotted cream, but I’m thinking this version will go well in my smoothie even- ha! I mean, it doesn’t contain sugar, and I used Kerry-gold pastured butter, and a neighbor’s fresh chicken eggs. Of course it’s good for me, right? Oh, plus it uses whole egg. Protein! This lemon curd seems a tad lighter than the traditional- a bit more like custard. Yummm…

Date Bars

Less Sugar Date Bars

I made these with the grandkids—they were surprised that the dates turn into this yummy filling, just by cooking with some water. Oh, and you can make these gluten-free, just by using processed oats (“oat flour”) in place of wheat flour.

Peach Ice Cream (Peachy KEEN!)

Homemade Peach Ice Cream, Easy

Finding good organic peaches, totally fragrant and delicious, can be challenging. Of all places, Safeway had ’em, and they must’ve been picked at just the right time. They were SO GOOD! So I had to add some to this recipe. Healthy, right? After all, they’re ORGANIC! OK, I might not splurge on this all the time, but it was a treat…

Castle Cake: Great Fun for a Boy’s Birthday!

Castle Cake- Use Cones for Towers

A castle cake project the whole family can help with. We scavenger hunted at various stores for the supplies. My husband and older grandson did the math, for cutting the cake into the right sizes, and we all decorated it. Fun!

Pistachio Gelato

Easy Pistachio Gelato

Gelato had been a mystery to me- it seemed extra intense and creamy, so I assumed it must have more cream in it. Fact is, gelato is best made with more whole milk and less cream than regular ice cream. The fat in cream coats the tongue, which ends up muting the flavors (who knew?!). So, using less cream is the secret- that’s why gelato is so flavorful!

Christmas Cookies: Favorite Classics


Home-baked Christmas cookies have been part of a tradition in our home- Christmas memories, with recipes passed down through generations. The kids have even helped (and everyone certainly helps with the eating!).

Almond Tarts (AKA Almond Tea Cakes)

Almond Tarts

There are plenty of recipes available for these, but this is the one I use. Having it written in weights makes it quicker to make! Another timesaver: Trader Joe’s carries blanched almonds. (We used to blanch ’em ourselves- much more work…)

Caramel Apple Oat Bars

The New Deli's Fave: Caramel Apple Bar

We’ve been doing a taste-test of these caramel apple oat bars at The New Deli… what fun! It’s nice to have a Granny Smith apple tree, producing some nice, organic apples. We know just what to do with those!

Chocolate Mousse, Easy Paleo

Chocolate Mousse, Easy Paleo

Whip the whole eggs until fluffy- easier than separating out the whites… Also, mix the cocoa powder into the honey 1st, which removes lumps. A plus: Honey fights allergies & infections- whoot!