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Bittersweet Chocolate with Benefits

Homemade Bittersweet, Honey-Sweetened Chocolate Bar

I had a giant bag of cocoa powder on hand, some Ceylon cinnamon (because that’s so healthy for you). AND, a serious chocolate craving. Well, this recipe satisfied those cravings, while still being healthier (no sugar, but lightly honey-sweetened). Full of good ole’ coconut oil too, which is good for the metabolism and brain health. My friends even liked it, and they’re not hard-core health nuts like me!

Cocoa Nib Fudge, Fruit-Sweetened

Cocoa nibs blended with dates, raisins, butter, coconut oil

Tom and I have a quick liquid breakfast that usually includes a cup of this fudgey stuff, blended with boiling water, hot chocolate style. I like to add a scoop of favorite supplements, and a raw egg, which gets the drink slightly thick and frothy. Yum!

You can use your fat of choice, but I use mostly pastured butter in mine, since we also take a shot of cod liver oil every morning, and the butter works synergistically with it for better nutrition.

Root Beer, Healthy Soda Style, Probiotic

Root Beer, Homemade, Healthy, Probiotic

Finally, I feel like I’ve got the right combination for a great, probiotic Root Beer “soda”. I added ginger bug to the second ferment, along with my homemade root beer extract. Tastes legit! No, I didn’t boil the bark and roots for long–maybe that was part of the secret. Yum…

Golden Milk AM Blend (w/ Power Herbs)

Golden Milk Mix for easy drinks, health

Like a lot of health-foodies, I got into making my own golden milk. I also created a blend for the morning, which includes matcha green tea, gelatin, and some serious power herbs. (The benefits of these herbs are impressive, as a quick word-search will prove!)

This recipe is not the one you stir together in the evening, in some “relaxing” ritual. (I don’t have time for that myself!) No, this is a quick, handy version, to get optimal nourishment in minimal time, Perfect for those of us who need to stay healthy and keep up with a tight, rigorous routine.

Lemon Curd: Whole Egg, Honey-Sweetened

Lemon Curd w/Whole Egg (& Peel of Lemon)

I filed this recipe under “Healthy” AND “desserts”, since it seems to be both. So good on top of yogurt! It’s usually used for fancy teas, with scones and clotted cream, but I’m thinking this version will go well in my smoothie even- ha! I mean, it doesn’t contain sugar, and I used Kerry-gold pastured butter, and a neighbor’s fresh chicken eggs. Of course it’s good for me, right? Oh, plus it uses whole egg. Protein! This lemon curd seems a tad lighter than the traditional- a bit more like custard. Yummm…

Energy Bars, Almond Marzipan Style

Energy Bars- Granola Bar with Almond Paste

My husband’s a good sport. Peanut butter didn’t fit into our cleansing diet (due to the molds and such). Sad face- it’s one of his favorite snack foods… But happy face- he’s not even thinking of peanut butter now! These energy bars satisfy his snack-cravings. Yay! I really had just wanted an excuse to use…

Superfoods for Super Health

Dry Blend of Superfoods for Breakfast Smoothies

Thought I’d share info on superfoods for super health, from my annual Women’s Retreat session on “Abundant Health in Christ”. Most of the notes this year are about our relationship with Jesus, and how we can find abundant health through that. But utilizing a few of the wonderful, natural, healing foods God put here for our own good, also seems worthy of mention!

Golden Milk Recipe for Golden Age

Homemade Golden Milk

Turmeric! It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and about ten other things. Basically, the answer for everything. (OK, maybe we can’t go that far…) Looks like it’s gone mainstream, too. I just saw “Golden Milk Powder” featured on display at a local store. But it had dextrose and other weird ingredients in it, so I’ll continue to make my own. Mine is cheaper, and higher quality, even if it is more time-consuming.

Bullet-Proof Coco-Nut-Butter Cream

Butter + Coconut Cream + Nuts = Bullet-proof

Has everyone heard about “bullet-proof” coffee, tea and smoothies yet? Just add pastured butter and coconut (or MCT) oil to various beverages to boost energy, suppress appetite, and help regulate blood sugar. It’s been great for me! But I like to make a larger supply. I melt a pound of butter with an equal amount of coconut spread , and add some nuts. I pour the mix onto parchment and refrigerate. I can now put a pile of those chunks in the blender with some boiling water, pureeing until smooth. That makes a “nut milk cream” that will keep for a week or so. The rest of the “bark” lasts months, so that’s cool. So delicious too.

Ginger Bug: Easy Recipe, Healthy Gingerale

Easy recipe, ginger bug

Most recipes for ginger bug would have us grating some fresh ginger every day, mixing it with a bit more sugar and water, to feed the bug. I don’t have time for that! So I came up with a quicker method: I process the whole bunch of ginger with an equal part of sugar, and store that mix in the freezer. Then it’s easy to scoop a little out for the daily feedings.