Induction Stove Top Vs. Gas, Electric

I’ve cooked on electric and gas stove tops for years. Most cooks know that gas ranges are awesome. Electric, not so much. At least we have a gas range at the deli. But for over 25 years, I put up with an electric stove top at home. Until I finally found a most excellent replacement: Induction range!

Induction better than Electric, GasI’ve had the pictured induction stove top for over two years now. I LUV it.

We didn’t really want to go to the bother and expense of getting gas piped into our kitchen, so I surveyed my options. Someone mentioned: If I like to cook, and don’t want to put in gas, then “Induction Range” was the way to go.

What? I hadn’t even heard of it. Guess I’d been too busy cooking on the deli stove to do any research about alternatives. But after looking into it, I realized: Induction range was my answer!

It was easy to get the range installed (we got one similar to this one). Just plug it in! Over two years later, the stove is still gleaming. It’s easy to wipe clean, but if I want to spiff it up, I also spray it with vinegar, wiping until spotless.

But that’s just surface talk. What’s really cool is that the induction burners can get much hotter than electric burners. When I want to sear something, I can really sear! But, like the gas burner, as soon as it’s turned off, there is no more heat. When I want to bring something to a boil, it happens so FAST! I love my induction range, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good stove.

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