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The Del Monte Plaza
624 A San Pablo Ave.
Pinole, CA 94564


9am-3pm Monday
9am-6:30pm Tues-Friday
11am-2pm Saturday

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Welcome to the New Deli Café

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Thanks, UPS Guy!

We were glad to hear our local delivery man rave about the smells emanating from the deli. Well- we make most everything from scratch, so we weren’t too surprised he could smell the good cooking way down the street. We don’t like to open too many cans (maybe some tomatoes, olives, or tuna, but that’s it!). So, whether you want some homemade soup, a salad (with homemade dressing, made with 100% olive oil), or just need a decent sandwich to pick up fast, we’ve got it.

We have over thirty different sandwiches to choose from, from traditional French Dips and Reubens, to Vege-Burgers and Grilled Tofu, just for starters. Plus, lots of gluten-free soups, vegetarian options, and more. Hope to see you soon!

“Order up Front”

Megan points the way. To the sign, that is.

One of our helpful staff will be right with you! You can also call in orders at 510-724-5335, which can make for an easy pick-up. You can order on the run, and we’ll get your food done ahead of time! Or email jennifer@thenewdeli.com. We can fill most email orders, even invoice it for you, given a 24 hour notice.

Established 1985

Yes, we’ve been here in Pinole, California for some time now. So what’s new, right?! Well, some of those folks who’ve patronized our place for the last 30 years know: There’s always something new going on. Starting in early 2011, we revamped the place. Stop by our 2011, Before-and-After page for some photos. We had another update when we changed paint colors and added track lighting- ah, a more modern look! See that here: 2014 Makeover.

And so we continue in the quest to give our customers delicious, well-prepared foods made from scratch. A few excited patrons recently claimed that we HAD to mention that we offer plenty of vegan choices, and lots of non-gluten daily soups made without flour or other refined ingredients. (Many soups are non-dairy as well.)