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The New Deli: Before & After

Visit our photo gallery…Take a walk down memory lane with us — after all, we’ve been here since 1985. Some of you will “remember when”; others may be surprised that we’ve come this far!

November 1985: Grand Opening

Tom and Jen in the old days, complete with espresso machine (before Starbucks!).

Son Miles (at age two years old) is hiding out somewhere in this picture.
(for answer, see bottom of the page…)

2011: Out with the Old

The giant, noisy drink case in the corner had to go. For years it loomed in the corner, taking up valuable space, only to showcase the typical sugary (though ever-popular) sodas. In 2011, it was finally replaced by an extra table and chairs.


A whole lot of elbow grease (and some welcomed help from our friends) got the old stuff cleared out… The deli makeover was ready to commence!

Meanwhile, the 12 foot long deli case was a beast! It was a ton or two of classic metal from the sixties, but it really was a space hog. Plus, it was hard to manage. We tried to “showcase” items in it, but a damaged seal in the glass fogged everything over and made that challenging. Massone Mechanical carted it away for us.

In the Process…

Still more “old” to cart away. THAT was an old floor…

Now there wasn’t any seating at the time, but The New Deli was still good for a decent sandwich at lunch break…

Oh, how we love our new floor. And yes, there are some excellent “Porcelain Tiles” out there that look so much like wood. Only, extra easy to keep clean.






In with the New (almost)


Ok, it was a little awkward using our “makeshift counter” until a friend built our new one…

But it was so worth the wait!
Ready for 25 more years?!

* Son Miles can be found in the mystery picture, just past the cash register on the left, sitting on the counter. Age: Two! (And now he has a wife and three kids of his own…)