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The New Deli: Before & After

Visit our photo gallery…Take a walk down memory lane with us — after all, we’ve been here since 1985. Some of you will “remember when”; others may be surprised that we’ve come this far!

Below: New Deli from 1985-2011

Enjoy seeing some of our “historical” pics below…

OR Click Here to view the NEW NEW DELI, 2014!

November 1985: Grand Opening

The New Deli 1985, Opened on Small Budget

Tom and Jen in the old days, complete with espresso machine (before Starbucks!).


Jennifer and Tom Cote in 1985

We didn’t even have our hanging shelf above the work tables yet. (Not until Jen’s dad had the genius idea to make one, to add a little more interest.) Side note- we made dozens of chutneys and such- thought we’d sell ‘em on that back shelf. (We thought wrong!)

2011: Out with the Old

The giant, noisy drink case in the corner had to go. For years it loomed in the corner, taking up valuable space, only to showcase the typical sugary (though ever-popular) sodas. In 2011, it was finally replaced by an extra table and chairs.


Not even “circa 1985″! We got this deli case IN 1985, but it was already over twenty years old… from the sixties. Like an old car- weighed a ton, and had a few defects (messed up, broken seal in the triple-paned glass, for one thing).



Yes, in took a huge trailer truck to haul this monster out!


In the Process…

Still more “old” to cart away. THAT was an old floor…

Porcelain Flooring That Looks Like WOOD

Can you believe how beautiful this is?! Our new, ceramic floor (that looks like wood, but wears even better for kitchen use).

In with the New (Almost)

We had to do with a makeshift sales counter, until our friend made us a custom one…

Ah… done deal. (Until the next upgrade, three years later…)