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Specialty Sandwich Tray

We can assemble trays of any quantity, starting at $59/tray of ten sandwiches. Also available: Quarter Sandwiches (for appetizer trays)

Choose from the following:

Chicken Salad w/Caramelized Walnuts

Roast Beef w/Sun-dried Tomato and Mozzarella, on Baguette

Basic Sandwich Tray (Includes turkey, roast beef, veggie, ham, salami)

Most Popular Sandwich Tray (Includes specialty sandwiches)

Made to Order (Just specify whichever are your favorites)

Bagged or Box Lunches

In addition to Sandwich Trays (with optional sides of Pasta or Green Salads, and/or desserts), we also offer the following Bagged/Boxed Lunch Options)

Basic Bagged Lunch, $9 – Includes a $6.95 sandwich, a 2-pk. cookies, and chips. ($1/extra to include water)

Special Box Lunch, $9 – Includes half sandwich plus side of green or pasta salad, plus a 2-pk. cookies (plus wrapped-up napkin/fork) ($1/extra to include water)

Popular Green Salads

“Box” containers available for the following salads, serving 3-4 each.

Also available: Large salad bowls; just specify how many servings you need. Approximately $2.00-3.00/per serving.

Large Green Salad, w/carrot, cabbage, cucumber, tomato…6.95

Caesar Salad, w/authentic Caesar dressing or homemade Ranch dressing…7.95

Chicken Caesar…7.95

Greek Salad, w/Feta, Greek olives and peppers, onion, tomato…8.95

Chef Salad, w/Ham, turkey, Swiss & Cheddar, egg, 1000 dressing…8.95

Cobb Salad, w/Grilled chicken, blue cheese, egg, tomato, Italian dressing…8.95

Spinach Salad, w/Bacon, sesame seeds, egg, Sweet n’ Sour dressing…8.95

House Salad, w/Bacon, Swiss, grilled chicken, egg, tomato, Ranch dressing…8.95

New Deli Waldorf, w/Apple, pecans, blue cheese, spring greens, Poppy Seed dressing…9.95

Pasta, Rice, Potato Salads

Pasta Salads (approx. 3-4 servings per lb.)

Pasta Parmesan, with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts…7.95/lb.

Pesto Pasta, with cheese tortellini…8.95/lb.

Mostaciolli, with cheddar and provolone cheeses, homemade tomato sauce…7.95/lb.

Rice Salads (appox. 3 servings per lb.)

Hawaiian Rice, with coconut, mango, macadamias…9/95/lb.

Turkish Pilaf, with dried apricots, almonds, pine nuts…8.95/lb.

Wild Rice Pilaf, with walnuts, herbs, carrots…8.95/lb.

Brown Rice, with parsley, fresh herbs…3.95/lb.

Potato Salad (approx. 3 servings per lb.)

All American Potato Salad, with sweet relish, celery, green onion…6.95/lb.

Potato Dill, with tomato, garlic, and kosher dills…6.95

German Potato Salad, with bacon, sweet/sour dressing…7.95/lb.

Appetizers, Grazing Menu

Veggie Tray, w/homemade Ranch Dip, $45 & up

Pesto Torta, w/layers of cream cheese & pesto, plus baguettes…$40

“Antipasto Spread”, available as part of buffet table for larger events

May include the following: Cubed cheeses, goat cheese log, salami, marinated mushrooms, fresh veggies and dip

Open-face Sandwiches (“Bruschetta” style)…$69/70 pc.

May include the following: Roast Beef w/Sun-dried Tomatoes, or Chicken Salad w/Caramelized Walnuts, on baguettes

Dessert Choices

Homemade Cookies, Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal, .75/ea.

Brownies, 1.50/ea.

Also available, on special request: Lemon Bars, Caramel Oat Bars, and more