Water Kefir: Turning Water to Wine?! Or, Probiotic, At Least

My daughter-in-law’s on the cutting edge. She’s the one who told me about Kefir (pronounced ka-FEER, not key-fur, as in Sutherland, of Hollywood fame). I was kind of surprised that I didn’t even know that kefir has way (way) more probiotics than bottled supplements, or yogurt.

Grateful-Table-Probiotic-BrewMichelle (said daughter-in-law) gave me a few milk “grains” to culture my own milk kefir. I’m not much of a milk drinker, and I don’t like how commercial milk is treated. But, I didn’t want to spend the extra money to get fancy, organic milk either. Besides, it still wouldn’t be raw, and I can be such a purist sometimes. Plus, my husband is still not letting me get a little goat, much less a cow, so… my heart just wasn’t in the whole milk-kefir-brew thing.

Grateful-Table-Directions-Kefir-Water-ProbioticsThen I started hearing about water kefir. Another informed, health-conscious relative (my sister-in-law, who introduced me to “Diet for a Small Planet” back in the 70’s) mentioned that she’d heard you could culture kefir with coconut milk.

Well, what was stopping us?! I didn’t want to just talk about it. Why didn’t we already have some brewing?! What was slowing us down?! With Amazon at my fingertips, it was easy to order a small package of water kefir grains. It came with a nice little instruction sheet that answered all my questions. Yay. (I took notes, as you can see on the scrap paper I gave to Vanessa.)

Local friends and family don’t need to order their own grains, since the grains multiply. I’ve been able to get the girls at work started on this stuff, and some other folks too. If you want the detailed directions, check out my simplified, easy water kefir recipe here.

But what’s all the excitement about? Kefirs cleans the digestive tract, so no toxic contents in food go into your bloodstream. It’s enzyme-rich, full of electrolytes, amino acids and active live cultures, it’s loaded with vitamin B-12, vitamin K and biotin. And, it’s bubbly and rather delicious!

When you start drinking kefir regularly, you’ll probably notice that your digestion and metabolism improve. It might even help those battling leaky gut syndrome and colon cancer, yeast infections and general immune system issues. And, it helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. SIGN ME UP, right?

Probiotic-WomanBut… where do water kefir grains come from? Wikipedia says they have been found on a type of Mexican cactus; granules of the water kefir could be scraped off and cultured in sugar water. Other stories suggest that the grain was a gift from God. Maybe it’s both!


2 Responses to “Water Kefir: Turning Water to Wine?! Or, Probiotic, At Least”

  1. Reply Bbb

    So can I take this mix and add champagne yeast to it and make alcohol and still have the probiotics?

    • Reply Jennifer Cote

      Well, if we’re getting serious about the “wine” part, lol… it looks like yes, you could add the champagne yeast and still have probiotics in it. I had to dig some, but I found info on the website for “Boochcraft” (www.boochcraft.com/faq/). They say, “The primary beneficial probiotic Lactobacillus, can happily live in alcohol well beyond 8%”. They’re letting folks know about their product, but it’s helpful for us home-brewers too. They say that they “allow the alcohol level to rise a few percent before adding fresh pressed juice and herbs to flavor it.” Apparently, they use kombucha as a base, and add the champagne yeast to it to bring up the alcohol level, then add the juices for flavoring. So- sounds like you could totally do this! The best of both worlds! 😀

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